Perspectives on weak interactions in complex materials at different length scales

Authors: J. Fiedler, K. Berland, J. W. Borchert, R. W. Corkery, A. Eisfeld, D. Gelbwaser-Klimovsky, M. M. Greve, B. Holst,  K. Jacobs, M. Krüger, D. F. Parsons,  C. Persson,  M. Presselt,T. Reisinger,  S. Scheel,  F. Stienkemeier,  M. Tømterud,  M. Walter,  R. T. Weitz ORCID  and J. Zalieckasa Published on: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2023,25, 2671-2705 Key […]

Equilibrium forces on non-reciprocal materials

Category: Non Reciprocal Thermodynamics Authors: N Graham, M. Kardar and M. Kruger.  Published on: Physical Review B 106, 115106 (2022) Key Questions: Do systems at the same temperature produce conservative Casimir’s forces? What is unique about Casimir’s forces produced by non-reciprocal materials? View Publication arXiv People also read: More Publications